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April Benney - Professional Counselor Associate

Hello and welcome! I'm April, a Professional Counselor Associate on the path to LPC licensure in Oregon, working under the guidance of Jennifer Samsom LPC.


Embracing a nontraditional lifestyle, I've spent the last two decades living across the US, solo traveling, and experiencing life as an expat in Mexico. My diverse journey has fueled a passion for exploring different cultures, emphasizing the beauty of human connections and the richness of our world. In addition to my unconventional lifestyle, I find solace in hiking, appreciating the grounding and balancing effects of nature.


As a neurodivergent counselor, my unique perspective enriches our therapeutic space. My purpose is to support individuals in their healing journey, fostering personal growth and self-discovery. I'm committed to providing a nurturing and nonjudgmental environment, viewing our counseling relationship as a collaborative partnership focused on your experiences and goals.


Whether you're navigating life transitions, overcoming challenges, or delving into self-exploration, I'm here to guide you. Join me on this transformative adventure, unlocking the possibilities within you.

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I have had the privilege of supporting individuals through a wide spectrum of mental health concerns. With specialized expertise in substance use counseling, anxiety, depression, ADHD, grief, and adjustment disorders, I have worked with clients navigating various challenges in their lives. In my practice I utilize evidence-based therapeutic techniques to promote healing, resilience, and improved well-being. Drawing from a trauma-informed and client-centered approach, I am committed to guiding individuals towards positive change and empowering them to lead fulfilling lives.

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